How Can I register: Simple go to eatonsneckbb.com and click on the registration tab. There will be 2 in person dates and those dates will be posted on our web site as well as our FB page once available.

What nights and where are practices held: ENYC uses all the gyms in the NPT/ENPT School district as well as space in the Northsport Athletic Facility located on 25a in NPT. Practice is one night during the week and is picked by the coach from the available time slots we have.

When and where are the games:  Going by last year but may be subject to change due to gym space: Grades 2 – 5 (boys and girls) have games on the weekends. 6/7 Boys, Middle School Girls and 8/9 Boys play games on Friday nights. High School girls on Wed nights, and 10/11/12 Boys on Tuesday nights. Again this is subject to change depending on gym space

What if I miss the Oct 31 sign up dead line:  Starting Nov 1st there will be a waiting list made available. There is no late registration and only if that division has room will your child be added. Once a division makes its teams no child will be added for any reason

Can my child play on the same team as a friend: Unfortunately    only kids in the 2nd and 3rd grade can request to be with a friend. In all other divisions we make every effort to ensure all teams are as fair as possible, so we rate and draft all players.

What if my child has no friends on his/her team, can I get a refund: Unfortunately a full refund is not possible at that time. Once teams have been made uniforms have been ordered and gym space have been assigned and paid for. ENYC is a not for profit so each dollar is accounted for. There may be a possibility for a partial refund but that all depends on when the request is made.


Can a Coach and Asst Coach be on the same team if they are friends: ENYC’s goal is to have even teams and that means a draft will be held in all grades 4 and up. You can NOT pre-pick to be with a coach as that may cause a stacked team situation. We appreciate the time and effort parent gives to coach and hope everyone can understand how important it is to have even matched teams to give each child the best experience we can.